If you have a fetish for photography, you can consider it as your future career option. Presently, it is a promising profession and many like you are interested in starting their own photography business. Firstly, if you want to make it your profession you have to be very sincere and passionate about the work. There’s a subtle difference between hobby and profession. The former is more casual whereas the latter is more planned. Read more to find out how you can turn your hobby into your profession and run your business effectively.


Chalk out a plan: Before you get ready with your lens and other chops , you need to do a little preparation to showcase your talent to the world. Photography is a wide field starting from nature to wildlife, and wedding to fashion. Some are exceptionally good with nature photography while others are known as the wedding photographers. When it is your profession, you have to choose a specific genre. You can’t click randomly. This is what exactly the famous photographer William Schoellkopf said in his recent interview.

Create your website: Now with the technical advancement, it has become easier to reach your viewers whenever you want. Create your website and keep that updated with your recent works. Don’t forget to mention your email address, contact details, and tentative rates if possible. Those who are not aware of your talent can visit your page. So always upload your best projects on your site. Besides this initial strategy, you can consider digital marketing which is even more effective in today’s world. More importantly, it is the most cost-effective solution to promote your business.

Start-up funds: An entrepreneur looks for an investor to secure funding for the business growth. It’s tough to convince anyone to invest in your business unless you have a solid business plan. To draw the attention of the potential investors you need to design your site properly. Most of the cases, entrepreneurs apply for a bank loan. It is not feasible to run a business without any assistance. So hiring experienced professionals is a must.


Pricing plan: You may have done a photo-shoot for your friends and family as it is your hobby. But, when it comes to business you can’t do it for free or for a nominal amount. You can check your competitors’ prices and decide your rates accordingly. Most of the photographers charge their clients on an hourly basis and some shutterbugs come up with a full package price. Whatever you choose make sure that you can pay your subordinates their share without fail.

Focus on clients: The growth of your business depends on the number of your clients or projects. So shift your focus from marketing to your clients and try to get contacts and reference from friends, your existing clients, and other followers. According to William Schoellkopf, If you are a photographer always make your presence felt in photography contests and exhibitions.

Like any other profession, photography also throws a lot of challenges and being a photographer you need to upgrade your skills using the latest devices. A good photographer is the one who believes is learning and developing his or her skill to exceed his clients’ expectation level.