It’s easy to set up and shoot still life objects. The choice of subjects is endless, from ordinary household objects like vases or bottle to found objects, such as leaves. You will be able to turn good shots in to great ones with these simple tips from William Schoellkopf.

To ensure your still life photography project runs smoothly, you need to pre-plan what you want to do. Before you even pick up a camera, you need to plan your shot. At the least, you need to sketch out the basic setup. You will need a lighting plan. This can be a simple drawing, which you will need to keep with you at all times to refer to when setting up your lights.

Still Life Photography Tips

Armed with your plan and lighting sketch you should now take time to set up exactly the shot you want. Take time to precisely place your objects. Carefully set up and test your lighting, observe closely the shadow and highlights and adjust you lights to get the effect you want.

Place the objects the way you want them to ensure the result you want from your still life photography.