An aerial view of a picturesque place is a genuine treat to eyes. It is really amazing and ethereal. With so many marvels the world has to offer and plenty yet to discover, photography takes one to the remote places which otherwise would have remain untrampled. Just think you have to be up in the air to capture a spectacular shot.The fact cannot be denied that aerial photography is considered the very toughest form of photography. All you need to do is to find the right company for a hassle-free experience.

William Schoellkopf Aerial Photography

Now, what is the right company? How will you understand that the company is apt for you? The answer lies in the professionalism and skill. The best enterprise makes it easy for you to perform aerial filming and photography without too much of troubles that you are likely to encounter with an amateurish company. It gives you a comprehensive list of associated services so that you can get the full service at one place instead of traveling from one company to anther. They will take care of everything necessary to ensure that you can accomplish a spectacular aerial shot.

There are a number of things that you need to take note of. The lens mas has got to be careful at the time of clicking the pictures. Chances are high that the image might turn out to be blurry at time when one is looking to shoot a moving object. This kind of photography just cannot be done without an involved setup like pilot, helicopter, airplane, proper equipment and all.

Different services you may require in doing aerial photography:

Aerial Filming Permits:

Hire a company that deal with all the aerial permits required in your project. One thing you need to make sure that you give its staff ample time to secure these, which typically include those from the film and TV commission, National Media Council, Ministry of Defense and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Helicopter Charter:

You need not book a helicopter yourself. Let the staff handle that alongside mediating with pilot to meet your production requirements.

Drone Video Services:

Your aerial filming can be conducted by videos taken by drones, which can easily reach places that might be difficult to access via helicopter.


Photography Equipment Hire:

There are both stabilized and non-stabilized camera systems required for shooting. However, depending on the budget options, you can choose from wide selection of systems and mounts.

Ground and Support Equipment Hire:

Consider landing as well. Your production may call for temporary heliports. Safety harnesses, landing lights, LZ crash boxes, and VHF ground to air communication.

The Crew:

Aerial photography is not just about setting to blue clear sky to capture your pictures or videos. There is more to it. It is a more involved setup requiring services of a certified helicopter landing officer and the assistants. If you don’t have the right group of people for the project, the company will provide you with a certified photographer, a cameraman, an aerial director of photography and camera technicians.

Author Bio: William Schoellkopf is a 35 years old athlete. Apart from sports and lifestyle, he is also interested in photography. You can learn more about him from his blogs.