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Best Practices for Landscape Photography

July 10, 2017 Photography
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Eiffel tower from william schoellkopf

A beautiful landscape is a perfect choice to be your photographic subjects. You can take a snap at…

Happy 4th of July from William Schoellkopf

July 4, 2017 Holiday
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William Schoellkopf Happy 4th of July

William Schoellkopf wishes you all a happy 4th of July!  Enjoy this Independence day with your family and…

Benefits of Wedding Photography

December 20, 2016 Photography
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William Schoellkopf wedding scooter photo

Wedding is an auspicious ceremony with many special moments associated with it. The day of your marriage is…

Services You Require for Aerial Photography

December 2, 2016 Photography
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Tops of skyscrapers from William Schoellkopf

An aerial view of a picturesque place is a genuine treat to eyes. It is really amazing and…

6 Tips to Improve Your Photography

November 24, 2016 Photography
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William Schoellkopf Camera

It takes more than an expensive lens to be a notable photographer. Photography is one of the competitive…

Things to Know before you start your Photography Business

November 11, 2016 Photography
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William Schoellkopf blurred wedding shot

If you have a fetish for photography, you can consider it as your future career option. Presently, it…

The Art of Photography

October 27, 2016 Photography
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water lilly william schoellkopf

Here in the USA it is estimated that we take over a trillion photographs each year! That doesn’t…

Photography Basics for Beginners

October 20, 2016 Photography
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William Schoellkopf mounted camera

Have you ever looked at photos online or at an exhibit and thought that it was something you…

Still Life Photography Tips

July 25, 2016 Photography
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Bill Schoellkopf action shot "tennis ball in water"

It’s easy to set up and shoot still life objects. The choice of subjects is endless, from ordinary…

Tips for Outstanding Food Photography

July 22, 2016 Photography
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William Schoellkopf pancake with strawberries photo

Taking outstanding food photos is incredibly demanding. Pressing the button to open the shutter is only one part…