William Schoellkopf grew up in a small town between two big cities, Kenosha Wisconsin. At an early age Bill had a passion for the outdoors. He loved camping, hiking and enjoyed the serenity and peace that nature had to offer.
Photography was a natural fit for this young woodsman, as it gave him a way to capture that tranquility and raw emotion he so loved.
Just before the age of 7 his grandpa bought him his first camera, a Triad Fotron and he was off. He took pictures of every moment he could. William Schoellkopf especially love the time he was able to spend with his grandpa fishing and learning about all of the gifts nature had to offer and he tried to capture every moment he could on film.
Never opting to become a professional photographer, William Schoellkopf preferred to take photos for a more simplistic purpose, to seal moments in time so he could go back to them whenever he wanted to (or needed to).
When his grandpa passed on in 1985 Bill felt a huge whole in his heart, but was able to turn to his photos and “go back in time” to visit his grandpa anytime he wished. It is this very reason that Bill wants to share this joy with others.